Monday, September 10, 2007

Mejiron Dance Crosses Borders!

Mejiron Dance Crosses Borders!

Before going to their appointed schools, during an orientation on the 27th at the Oita Prefectural Office, 43 foreigners attempted to do the Mejiron Dance with the mascot of the Oita National Athletic Meet, Mejiron. During Mejiron's appearance in the meeting room, the ALTs clapped, smiled and took pictures with him. They first receivied instruction on how to raise their hands, bow their body, and put both hands behind their back to do the “Mejiron Pose,” they then did the move together with the music and with Mejiron. Scheduled to teach at Elementary and Junior High Schools in Hita, Thomas Newhall (22), who came to Japan from the United States said “It was fun. I will do the dance together with my pupils and students in order to deepen our cultural exchange.”

Caption: ALTs settle into the Mejiron Dance Pose