Friday, March 27, 2009

More random thoughts: Procrastination log

oh my god my life :) Part of the book "the now habit" is about keeping a procrastination log. its a good idea, and although i used to beat myself up about procrastination, really i just have to laugh at mysef at the ridculous thinking that goes on in my head.... oi humans

(S)=slow (P)=procrastination (遅い)=late
目覚ます 6:35
起きる  6:45(P)
朝食を作る 6:50
テレビを見ながら食べる ~7:20(P)
歯磨く、シャワー  ~7:50 (P)
服を着 ~7:55
出発 7:57 (遅い)
到着 8:07 (遅い)
朝礼 ~8:20
印鑑、コンプータ、ランチ ~8:30(P)
スケジュルを作る ~8:45
仕事ー(short paperwork) ~9:00
仕事/日本語の勉強(short paperwork) (S)~9:30
授業(unprepared) 9:50-10:50
仕事 日本語の勉強 (short paperwork) 11:00-12:15(S?)
先生と話す 12:15ー12:40
ランチ 12:40-1:20(S)
昼寝、カード 1:20-1:50
仕事(long project)(due soon) 2:00-3:15
掃除 3:15 - 3:40
仕事(same project) 3:40-

2/4 水曜日
6:35-6:45 sleep in (P)
6:45-6:50 turn on tv, walk around
6:55-7:05 play with...
7:05-7:10 fix breakfast
7:10-:25 eat breakfast
7:25-7:45 brush teeth, bathroom, shower, shave (long time)
7:45-7:50 dressed (rushed)
7:50-8;05 通勤 (遅い)
8:05-8:25 朝礼
8:25-8:45 印鑑、ポッドキャスト、ランチ
8:45-9:10 worked on this thing (perfectionisting, by trying to do it in Japanese, and adding all new words to anki)-low priority? high priority? dunno
9:10-9:30 class prep-high priority (due soon)
9:30-10:45 class (prepared, good class, but ran it over a bit perfectionism?)
10:45-11:00 coffee, studying, putting away stuff
11:00-11:50 working on project(finished part of it, little perfectionism)
11:50- 12:05 bathroom+cards?
12:05-12:30 working on project (due soon)(multitasking with japanese?)
12:30-1:20 lunch, nap
1:20-2:05 finished up project (finally)
2:05-3:05 class (didn't prepare until last minute)
3:05-3:10 bathroom
3:10-3:25 prepared for a meeting with Umemoto
3:25-4:10 meeting with umemoto
4:15-4:25 soji
4:25-4:35 wrote this
4:35-4:40 cards
4:40-5:20 library stuff
5:20-5:30 packed up to go home, bathroom
5:30-5:45 commute
5:45-6:25 read mail pooped thought about what a badass I am umm something?
6:25-6:30 cards
6:30-45 snack
-:56 cards
7:00-7:10 laundry
-15 cards
-35 laundry
-40 cards
-50 house cleaning
-8:00 cards
-8:05- Go to pool (procrastinated-wanted a break-checked e-mail (it'll only take a minute)
9:30 leave pool (took a while in the sauna (thats ok) changing always takes too long)
9:40-9:55 tsutaya (couldn't find what I was looking for, wandered around, settled on something else)
10:00 arive back home, start making dinner
10:10 cards
10:15 rice was on wrong setting (too rushed?) so reset it, decided to make dinner w/out rice
10:20-10:30 ate dinner while watching a movie
(alarm goes off) Ignore alarm (procrastination)b/c rice is still cooking, and movie is hella sweet
10:40 did some cards for 10 mins
10:50 rice finishes, decide to eat a little more
11:20 clean up dinner
11:30 decide to go to bed, start packing stuff up
12:00 ish in bed, 1 and a hal hours later...

wake up:6:35
out of bed by 6:38 (pretty good)
bathroom, wander around for 15 minutes?
6:55 start making breakfast
7:05 start eating breakfast
7:25 finsish breakfast (orange takes a long time to eat)
7:25-7:45 teeth, shower,bathroom, medicine (shower=~7 minutes)
7:45-7:50 dress
7:50-8:03 commute (on time with time to spare!)
8:05-8:20 chorei
8:20-25 inkan, lunch
25-30 meet with ume
30-40 coffee, podcast
40-45 this
45-50 finished coffee and synched cards to ipod-procrastination (late to class b/c teacher said "dont' worr about coming just yet)
50-9:50 class (half of class doing cards) :)
9:50-10:00 cards
10:00-10:10 went to library, librarian wasnt there
:10-:15 cards
:15-11:30 prepared documents for a lesson, printed them, copied them (a little perfectionisty with the sorter and with the copies of the notebook)
:30 did some cards
:35-12:25 prepared for another lesson completed within time limits, not perfect, but I only have 20 minutes to deliver the lesson
30-44 cards, etc...
44-1:20 lunch
1:25-3:30 class, class, soji (both well-prepared for)
:30-:50 ?? did nothing relaxed
:50-4:50 went to talk to librarian. studied mostly (procrastinated on making poster for PPC-my work hours are over, i feel like studying japanese now... yeah)
5:00-5:35 studied japanese (procrastination? i was in a groove, and didn't really feel like going home. had no obligations there... whatevs got my studying done)

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