Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm at a monastery in taiwan

SO, hi everbody. I'm at the monastery now, and I've got a little break. So, this is freaking awesome. I was in taipei for a day before I got here, and that was sweet too. I woke up real early from jet lag, and went to see the taipei 101 building (tallest in the world, btw) and took pictures there. I ate at starbucks and mcdonalds, cause nothing else was open. Then went to some really moderned out (looks like an office building) temple, then went with some peeps from the hostel to a beach party in celebration of canada d'eh. so that was taipei.

I don't really know which of the million things to say about this place I should say. Umm, great so far.Different thatn I expected, this temple has mad cash so we're basically staying in a hotel run by the monastery. Yesterday, this director of this order came and gave us all like 20 bucks for no apparent reason. But there's some really great people here. It's kind of an od collection of students in the program. People from all over the world. Some of the interactions i've had with the other students give me a real weird vibe, but there are some cool people too. The monk and nuns whoe are teaching us are all really nice and very unique people. It's pretty strict but it could be worse. Jeez i need mores specifics.. the possibilities of what to tel you are overwhelming me. I wish I could upload pictures.I guess the best specific wiould be our schedule. Every morning wake up 5:30, line up by 6:00 followed by tai-chi and meditation. Then breakfast, which is half chinese, half american food. After that, a little break and a class of some sort, on buddhism (obviousely). sry about typose, the computer is berin weird. Then we go to lunch, which is done in silence, and is very formal (ie, you have to eat a certain way). To give you a sense o fthesize of this place, the cafeteria seats 3000 and usually is at least half full at lunch. Then we have another calss ore meditation. Then a little break, or "personal projects" or community service. then dinner followed by another class and then a evening liturgy service. Bed at 10, repeat in 7 an da hlf hours. Ok gtg. Leave questions and I'll answer them next time i'm here.

Omitofo, as they say here,


jim klar said...

Wow, Tommy has become a warrior go, grasshopper!

Anonymous said...

Tommy the Warrior monk. (I like that Sensei) Its great that your having this experience. Ive been to Taipei, and know it can be overwhelming. Dont drink the snakes blood. It just isnt as good as it sounds.
Have fun grasshopper!

Anonymous said...

The last comment is from Randy Houston btw. Im having difficulties reading the instructions for this page because Im on a german computer.

Bao Phuoc said...

Did you go for a real purpose or just to have fun? Tell us why you went on this adventure. Why didn't you do this in Japan instead? What form of Tai Ji are you learning?