Friday, August 3, 2007

Plugged Back In

Well, I'm back in Utah, from a pretty crazy month in Taiwan. I'll be here for a couple more weeks until I figure out exactly where I'm going to go teach English. It's a little weird being back, a return to the mundane as it were. I suppose the biggest difference between living at home and living at a monastery in Taiwan is that in Taiwan, time was structured to the minute. The whole month, we had only a two or three days that were truly "free," and even then, the time was spent catching up with laundry, e-mail, calling home, or sleeping. Now, my days are totally free from any particular obligations, but I can't cherish this free time the same way I did in Taiwan.

Anway, the latest on the job front is this: I got off the wait list for JET, and am placed in Oita prefecture, in northern Kyushu. However, in Taiwan there may be a better opportunity for me to teach at the high school connected with the monastery. However, until I find out more information about that job, Japan HO!

So, that's it for now. I'm probably going to write about Taiwan a lot in the next few days, so keep looking in.

Oh, I also got a new name in Taiwan. I'm now officially a Buddhist, and my "Dharma Name" is BěnZhì, (HonChi in Japanese) which means "Original Wisdom." I was really shooting for "Original Gangster" but no dice... So you now must all refer to me as such. Just kidding.


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