Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When cultures attack

I thought I'd share this gem from the JET Handbook:

It is important to note that culture shock is not limited to those in their first year in Japan - the cycle can continue for years.

1) Initial Euphoria
This period of euphoria may last from a week or two to a month, but the
letdown is inevitable.

2) Irritation and Hostility
And these differences, which suddenly seem to be everywhere, are troubling. You blow up little, seemingly insignificant difficulties into major catastrophes. This is the stage generally identified as culture shock.”

3) Gradual Adjustment
Gradually, too, your sense of humour returns and you realise the situation is not hopeless after all.

4) Adaptation and Biculturalism
Full recovery will result in an ability to function in your own and in Japanese culture with confidence.

I wish I had aspirations to be a psychologist, simply to be able to write stuff like this.


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