Sunday, June 3, 2007

E-mail to Friends

Hey all-

so you caught me at a bad time yesterday because it was my bro's high school graduation. I swear to god it took longer than ours, but there was like 1/10th the students. The graduation speaker was wicked awful, but my brother was the class-elected speaker he did a good job.

Other than that, I've been sick since I got home. I've mostly been playing pokemon and explaining to people in about 15 different ways why I don't have a job yet and that I am going to a monastery in Taiwan. I've taken to just telling people my "plans" before they even ask, simply because it saves time. Also, my family is starting to get to me. What a surprise. I guess that's more incentive to stop playing video games and start looking for real jobs, but I'm saving that for monday.

Anyway, I thought a good way to keep in touch would be to start a blog. a couple of my friends did it when they graduated a few years ago, and i've ept up with their misadventures pretty well that way. So this, and other musings will go up on . I don't know for sure if RSS feeds are working yet for it, but I'll get it going in the next few days. Yeah, it'll be a good combo of actual life events and musings about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Right now, only one post, but of course, there's more to come.


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