Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The first real post

So, being home has been real weird. I feel like my family and everyone I meet here treats me like the person I was four years ago, before I even went to college. Granted, I probably haven't changed as much as I like to think I have, but I just wish I could just start from scratch with everyone back here in Utah, and meet everyone for the first time again. I don't want to "pick up where we left off" because no one is the same as they were four years ago. People change, that's life.

Last monday, after commencement, my dad and I went out to eat at the Feve. Our relationship has been well, not great, most of my life and I wanted to smooth things over with him and "start from scratch." Say sorry for being a jerk when I was a teenager, and admit that my mother is actually crazier than I thought she was. Well, that all didn't happen like I planned. Instead I started giving him the rundown on the job fiasco and my plans for the future. I told him that my interview didn't go as well as I thought because I didn't appear as outgoing as they were looking for. In response, he told me that he thought it was because I was "not very serious" and too "lackadaisical about things.

At that point, I was like "does this man know me?" I can see how that may have applied to the way I acted when I was in high school, but in my mind, I can't even picture myself as that person anymore, yet my father still thinks of me that way.

Same thing happened on sunday. My mom threw a party at our house to celebrate my brother's and my graduations. (is "my brother's and my" proper english?) It's actually pretty lame, because it's all my mom's friends and I know I'll just spend the entire night explaining how I don't have a job yet. The unforseen perk of the event is that a few of them brought donations to the "Tommy Newhall post-graduate fund."

I requested beverage duty, and was charged with the task of beer buying. Now, there are supposed to be twenty people coming to this party, but I already know maybe only one or two people are going to be drinking. So I buy four six packs anticipating that this was probably the only opportunity for me to buy beer with my mom's money, and knowing there would be plentiful leftovers to last me through the month.

So, I'm at the party and trying my best to seem social, but not actually talk with many people, and so I go outside to get another beer. A few people are out on our patio talking and one of them comments sarcastically that "You are not old enough to be drinking beer!" I guess it was a joke, sort of, but is just another instance of someone thinking of me as same person I was four years ago. Not only underage, but too innocent to imbibe that devil drink that few of the people at the party are even willing to try. Fortunately I had a pseudo-comeback to her remark, simply saying "well, that is not true." I grabbed my beer, and quickly went back in the house, where the hors d'oeuvres were.

Man I gotta get out of this place.



マクナリ said...

Wow, sounds awesome.

But you got put on the wait list or whatever for JET, right? There's still hope~

I'm starting to hate my job, its about damn time, I guess.

And I'm disappointed with your response to the beer question. Perhaps you should have responded by breaking the top of it over that persons head and drinking from it then. Or chugging it and two or three more and then pissing on them.

I dunno

Kevin 'BigMac' lastnamehere

Anonymous said...

eh tommy likes boys...and being home is wack

Brendan said...

Anonymous said...

eh tommy likes boys...and being home is wack

lol evan

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