Monday, October 20, 2008


In february, there is a "ALT意見交換会" - opinion exchange meeting that I was really hoping to go to. Unfortunately, the deadline for the application was Friday. Well, it needed to be at the prefectural office on Friday, so that they could sit on it for a week and send it off this friday. I mean, there's really no excuse on my part. The fucking Deadline was highlighed on the front of the application- i just somehow seemed to look that over. Acutally, at one point I thought that it was in fact last friday, but changed my mind when I saw it written in English. That is to say, one part of it had one date on it, and the other had another date... i mean it was fairly obvious what i was to do, but somehow the obvious didn't stick. well, i'll make the app anyway and see what happens.

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