Friday, October 31, 2008

Things this week

on sunday night, I went on a date. it didn't go well. It started out fine. But she apparently isn't comfortable around me. I mean, this has happened before. Like, she doesn't want to hang out alone with me. So, basically i invited Shane out. And, he well, stole the night away, to say the least.

on monday, there was the school festival. it was way cool the kids did a great job.

on tuesday, i went to get my drivers licence. I thought it didn't involve a drivers test. In fact, I called a number of times to confirm it didn't. But it did. And I failed. And now I have to go all the fuckin way back to oita to do it again. well at least the tester was nice.

on wednesday, two of mikumas students attended a speech contest in Oita. Unfortunately, one did not do so well, but the other did fantastic. I had been coaching her for about a month. I was so proud. I though... i knew she should win, and everyone i talked to agreed. But she didn't. Sonezaki sensei was one of the judges. And two other ALTs i don't know. Fantastic. Well at least Sonezaki knows i know how to do my job now. Also, the other teacher i went with was the teacher I had a bit of a crush on. Fucking cold as ice since i went on a date with her. You wanna go out again? Sure. How's this weekend? I'm busy I'll be at school all day. I mean at night... Yeah i'm busy... ugh

on thursday, not much happend. I was a little put off that the other teacher announced the results of the contest. Like she took credit for it. Obviously i'm over analyzing it, but i like to sweat the small stuff.

today, my boss offered to let me drive her car in preparation for the driving test. I did and then quickly proceeded to run it into a curb and fuck up the front left hubcap. I told her i'd pay for it. The tester at the center told me to mind the center line. well whatever i mean it was an honest mistake. I have no qualms about it other than i'm still worried about the test on tuesday. Which i may have to take fucking nenkyu for.

I also have to start thinking about what to do for christmas. Korea? Taiwan? Hong Kong? Home? Skiing?

I also have to start thinking about what to do next year. What i will do if i do something different. What I can do. What can I do? More fucking decisions.

Also its like the third day i've forgot to take my pillz. I was feeling pretty good earlier, but not so much at the moment.

Mom recommended that i get some Melatonin to help me sleep. I wonder where I can buy that here.

Finally, Its halloween. I forgot to do anything at school. I mean, i wasn't really interested in it, so whatever. But now i have to decide what to do tonight and this weekend. I was hoping to travel or something. Hmm... Ima throw on my haiqing and party it up at luchis it seems.

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