Sunday, October 19, 2008


Last night, I went on a date. It was nice to go have dinner with someone. I haven't done that in a while. I gave a call up to Shane, he had wanted to go out earlier. apparently he was getting drunk on his lonesome back at the KR and needed some cigarettes, so I bought him a pack, as well as some hagen dasz cookies and cream.

we chatted it up over gin and tonics and the ice cream, and he basically encouraged me to get out on my scooter and see more of the country around hita. So, today I did. I brought my camera up on a route to Hikosan, and stopped to take pictures at iwaya jinja. Lovely weather. I like riding my scooter, even though at this point in time it is illegal for me to do so. there were a lot of curves on the road up the mountain, and i was practicing how to take them. I should buy that book about mororcycling that jeff suggested.

I also cut my hair this morning. I've normally been trying to do that every 2 weeks, as per FGS tradition, but this time i let it grow out for like four weeks. Longer than it had been in about a year. Ok.

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