Monday, November 17, 2008

AJATT rocking

I fucking kicked ass studying today. All my reps. A bunch of listening (which reminds me...). 70+ kanji. I had like two classes, neither of which I did anything in and then freedom for the rest of the day.

Anyway, here's some notes. two things on primitives/keyword relationships. it might be better to make the keyword is the most prominent image in the story, and that the primitives modify the story or explain the details. One practical thing, that helped create better stories, was to learn to re-arrange the order of the primitives, not just use the order that they are presented on the page, which i think i had a tendency towards. i mean any story is fine, but you want the keyword to be stronger so that the character becomes linked to it (i.e. the meaning is primarily the keyword, not just the "meaning" of the primitives).

also about reviewing, i should start thinking, not only about the story in addition to the writing of the kanji, but that I should be able to construct the story both backward and forward. That is to say from both the keyword to the character, but also from the character to the keyword. I suppose this could be integrated into the same review, as Heisig suggests. It could also be useful to review from the kanji to the keywords. This may come when I get to the sentences part, i.e. after I finish RTK, and in that case i wouldn't bother to review them alone.

I also wish that in RTK the position of the kanji and the position of the keywords in each frame were switched? maybe.

also need to bring my timer from home, and buy batteries for my mp3 player.

I changed some settings in anki. i think i want to know more about the formula, and how exactly reviews are spaced. I guess just trust the system, but... you know... doubt. i guess its that last 10% that I want...

I gotta figure out a lesson for friday. I want it to kick ass so maybe I'll do that most of tomorrow, or tonight.


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