Tuesday, November 18, 2008


at the seminar last week, all the kencho alts were asked to redo the "goals management sheet" to conform to our individual schools "educational goals" set out by the head of school. My old goals were to finish my ESL course, make OC1 better, and continue to study japanese. This is probably the seventh revision of my goals. My new goals are to foster student’s will and attitude to learn, promote myself and my school to be a part of the community, and teach so that students make the most of and acquire English abilities. Well, vague to say the least, but maybe less self-serving. Plus nobody will ever say i promised I would finish that ESL course. (I still intend to).

right before class, my supervisor told me today were were talking about the topic of "nationality." Something I actually give a shit about. five minutes to prepare what to say in the face of bad social science. in japanese. to say what I want, why I am in this fucking country doing this fucking job. Five minutes. Thank you very much.

Obviously i wasn't completely prepared. But thank you, at least, for telling me what was going on before class.

Fuck this job.

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