Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I went to korea this weekend because it was a long weekend. Just on a whim. last minute.

Korea was cool. food was good, very spicy. no girls for me. met a bunch of english teachers. went a couple of temples. saw james bond. i did so many things that ended up being very giri-giri. so here comes the part where i beat myself up about it... yeah. like i missed the boat on monday because I didn't check the time. 14:00 does not equal 4:00. Earlier i went to a temple but didn't bother to wake up and get out until very late so like there was about an hour of sunlight left. then i went to see james bond and i got to the movie theater like maybe 2 minutes before, which isnt really that bad, but i remember rushing to get there for some reason. fortunately i didn't check the time for those either, and i say fortunately because it actually started 10 minutes after i thought. and then finally on the last day, yesterday, i wanted to go see another temple before i left, but i stayed up late and didn't wake up until later, and after an hour commute i had only like 20 minutes to actually see the temple. plus ended up spending a bunch on a taxi to get there and back. plus even though i was only there for like 20 minutes, i still managed to be late for my ferry. fortunately i was able to get on the next one, but i was still on the wait list.

i really like to beat myself up over my petty personal faults. i should really stop beating myself up for them. and when i don't stop i will beat myself up for that as well. ugh.

cricicism is unproductive, despite what scholars tell you.

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